Metal Roof Contractors has been specializing in the reroof marketplace for the past 20 years. A reroof system can be either be a retrofit , overlay or tear off and replace. Metal Roof Contractors found themselves in a niche market providing retrofit roofs for schools all over the state if Oklahoma.

A retrofit is when a new roof is installed directly over the top of any existing roof. This allows the contents to stay safe and for building operations to continue. Metal over Metal. Single Ply over Metal.

Designing a retrofit system over an existing metal roof it’s important to consider the age and type of the structure.

The existing support structure must be evaluated with regards to load path, strength and serviceability.

A retrofit roof can be difficult at times to construct due to current conditions of the existing roof and the penetrations the roof may have. For example if the AC unit is installed on top of the roof special flashing and details will need to be made to the roof.

Lake Park Elementary in Oklahoma City is a prime retrofit project. DETAILS OF PROJECT, sqft, existing roof, issues. A retrofit can go over deck or open purlins. A reroof system can provide a new aesthetically appealing roof to an existing older building.


LakePark RetroFit

A retrofit can go over deck or open purlins. A reroof system can provide a new aesthetically appealing roof to an existing older building.

Tear off and replace is exactly that. The existing roof is torn off and an entirely new roof is installed. It is a brand new roof system, all the problems with rotten decks or leaks are gone.  A brand new roof will last longer than repairing problem areas again and again and a new roof can bring value to the project. If there is a con to this type of reroof , it is the expense. With a tear off and replace roof you will being for labor to tear off the existing roof then install the new roof. Some concerns of a tear off and replace is exposing the contents of the building to put on a new roof. This type of roof is installed on low sloped roofs and when leaks of been an ongoing problem.

Overlay roof system is when the existing roof stays as is and a new roof goes over the top. Structural furring members are used over the existing roof. These members can be a hatch channel or zee purlins. Typically an overlay can save time and money. By simply adding another roof over an existing the construction time is shorter and you avoid some labor cost compared to the tear off and replace method. There are a few concerns to be aware of when considering an overlay. Adding weight to the existing roof is a concern, additional weight can put the structural integrity of your roof into question. Another issue is the difficulty tracking leaks. By adding another layer to the roof it makes it considerably more difficult to figure out where a leak is coming from.


What is a “Weathertightness” warranty?

A weathertightness warranty is a guarantee from the installer and manufacturer that the roof or wall installed on a commercial structure will prevent leaks and keep the roof system weathertight. A weathertightness warranty is one of the best ways to protect the investment put into a new metal roof or wall system. MRC provides a 20 YEAR weathertightness warranty, meaning if there are leaks or problems, MRC will provide the fixes for the next 20 years. Generally, any issues will be present in the first couple of months of install and after addressed, should last a lifetime. Most commercial roofing companies will only warrant the installation for 2 years and then hand off the responsibility to the manufacturer. As you can imagine, after 2 years, the manufacturer will tell you the problems are a result of the installation and will not cover any repairs. By this time the installer is long gone. Fortunately, you choose one of the only companies in this region that is the manufacturer and installer AND will back up the warranty for 20 years (another way of saying, no finger pointing).