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Address : 5001 W. Waterloo Rd, Edmond, Ok 73025
Phone Number : 405-359-6111


Why aren’t all roofers as great as MRC?

Over the course of 20 years, MRC has established itself as a reliable and trustworthy company that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to their projects. MRC puts the customer and their needs first, period. Additionally, MRC also offers:
Single source warranty – MRC has sole responsibility. You have a problem, we fix it. The typical roofing contractor has a combined warranty with their supplier, which will inevitably lead to problems down the road. Two warranties – no warranty; when problems arise, the contractor and supplier will play the blame game for responsibility, leaving you with a faulty roof and no one to fix it.


  • We are our own manufacturer – we buy raw materials and manufacture our own products, giving us control over shipping and details. The typical roofing contractor buys materials from a supplier, leaving the contractor without control over shipping and details.
  • Give back program – We support local charities that make a difference in our community, whereas many typical roof contractors hire out of state crews with no local work history or ties to the community. Recently, Metal Roof Contractors has worked for the Regional Food Bank and McLoud Historical Society and donated proceeds or resources. Additionally, Metal Roof Contractors has to Acts 2 church in Edmond.
  • Full length roof panels – no laps in the length of MRC panels. Less laps increase the longevity of metal panels, whereas the typical roofing contractor uses panels that are manufactured in a warehouse, limiting their shipping length. Laps in panels means more maintenance and less life.
  • Fully staffed organization – we employ all positions to cover all phases of construction. The typical roofing contractor subcontracts labor to the lowest bid.
  • Performance bonds – we have a long established history with our bonding company and can provide bonds if desired. The typical roofing contractor has no experience with providing bonds.
  • Assurance program – We include a 1-year assurance program to ensure the performance of our roof systems. The typical roofing contractor does not include an assurance program.
  • Design & Engineering experience – We consult and employ engineers and drafters to solve structural and water shedding problems. The typical roofing contractor has little to no design and engineering experience.