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Are you looking to do a new roofing project but you have concerns about ruining interior finishes or destroying mechanical equipment or property or losing production time from tearing off your existing roof?  Whether you have an existing flat roof or metal roof, Metal Roof Contractors can design, engineer and install your new metal roof system with no or minimal loss of production time or exposing your equipment and property to the weather. By retrofitting, or overlaying, no tear-off is required and therefore you can protect your operations and contents. When you choose Metal Roof Contractors to install your standing seam roof, your fears and worries of roof problems are solved because we bring 20 years of metal roofing experience to the project. Are you looking to update the curb appeal of your building? Metal Roof Contractors offers many colors and metal panels to choose from that will transform your building.

Roofer Of Choice Since 1998

Metal Roof Contractors started from scratch 20 years ago by a brother and sister duo with no construction experience. They saw an opportunity to compete and be successful in a niche market. Their focus then, and is still the focus today, was to develop and maintain relationships with their customers by delivering results. After 20 years of establishing a well-known reputation, we have millions of square footage of metal roofing installed in Oklahoma. Today we are excited about opportunities for growth by using our same fundamentals and expanding our customer base.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a metal roof cost?

When comparing metal roof cost to other roof materials, consider the longevity, performance, sustainability and thermal efficiency of metal. While typically a little more up front, you will enjoy the style and cost savings on the back end. The cost of a metal roof greatly depends on the scope of your project. Generally a standing seam metal roof will cost between $8 – $10 per square foot. A metal roof overlay will cost between $10 – $12 per square foot and a retrofit will cost between $12 – $16 per square foot. Larger sized projects and flatter roof slopes will be more efficient and choosing exposed fastener panels and a galvalume finish will save some money. Insulation, complexity, scope, access to roof and roof penetrations will all factor into the cost.

Which type of panel should I use?

That depends on your project. MRC utilizes several different types of panels depending on the project.

  • R Panel: R panel is an exposed fastener, side lap panel most commonly used as a roof and wall panel for metal buildings. Additional uses for this panel include soffit and interior wall liner. The exposed fastener panel offers economy and durability, but is limited with design features. The R panel is a good choice for simple roofing projects with a tight budget.
  • US 200: The US 200 panel is a 2” vertical leg, mechanically seamed panel that is ideally suited for commercial roofing projects that require the utmost in weather tightness performance and wind resistance. Ultra Seam and Metal Roof Contractors continually test and develop methods to increase performance. The US 200 is dependable for any design constraints and is available in all colors and will last your lifetime.
  • US 175: The US 175 panel is a snap-seam, standing seam panel that incorporates a 1 ¾ vertical leg that requires no mechanical or hand seaming. The US 175 is secured to the roof utilizing panel clips fastened to a structural deck. This panel’s versatility, coupled with it’s ease of installation and visually pleasing architectural appearance make it a popular roofing choice with both architects and building owners alike. This panel is ideal to achieve the longevity and look of a standing seam metal roof for simple roof designs.
  • 238T/138T: The 138/238T is a symmetrical, two-piece mechanically seamed, standing seam roof panel featuring up to a 1 3/8” or 2 3/8” vertical leg. The seam forms a “T” with two beads of continuous factory applied sealant located on the seam cap. Once installed, this two piece design provides a continuous, uninterrupted seal at the top of the seam, and when completed, the symmetry of the panel ribs is a much desired aesthetic by many architects and owners. The 238T/138T panel provides the top wind resistant performance in the industry, and also, due to the panel’s symmetry, can be easily maintained and repaired. This roof system will last your lifetime.
  • US 100: The US 100 panel is an interlocking, flush panel system attached with concealed fasteners. Primary uses include soffit and wall panel applications. Compared to other soffit systems, this panel requires little to no maintenance and will outlast other non-metal materials.
  • Mega Rib: The Mega-Rib is a 7.2” exposed fastener, horizontal ribbed panel that is equally applicable for industrial and commercial installations. Mega-Rib’s distinct, modern ribs provide an architectural statement that is hard to match. The use of this panel will transform your design without breaking the bank.
  • Wave Panel: If a textured wall design without visible fasteners is desired, the Wave panel’s horizontal ribs provide all of the aesthetics of the Mega Rib, only without the exposed fasteners. The Wave panel can span up to 40 ft, providing a monolithic and aesthetically pleasing appearance.