I grew up right here in Edmond, Oklahoma and graduated from Edmond Santa Fe.  My mom was a teacher at Monroney Junior High and my dad worked as a network support technician at OG&E.  In high school, I had a great time playing baseball and enjoyed studying math and physics. After graduation, I had few stops playing junior college baseball before finishing out my career not too far from my hometown at UCO.  

While in college playing baseball at UCO, I met April, my wife to be, and we were married in 2007.  After my career playing college baseball and a summer internship at ODOT, I knew I wanted to be a structural engineer and design bridges.  Over the next 4 years, I commuted from Edmond to Stillwater to complete my Bachelors and Masters degrees in Civil Engineering from Oklahoma State University.  Upon graduating, I went to work as a Structural Engineer at White Engineering in Oklahoma City. This was an exciting time in life; launching into a new job with a new wife and a new baby on the way that was born in 2010. Looking to distinguish myself in my industry, I pursued and received my professional engineering license in 2014.  Although I achieved my goal to become a professionally licensed engineer, I was looking for an opportunity with more responsibility and a faster pace to satisfy my entrepreneurial spirit.


I first got involved with Metal Roof Contractors in 2014 when the opportunity arose to buy in. It’s always been my personality to have the responsibility of leading a team and an organization.  I was drawn to Metal Roof Contractors long, established success and reputation in the construction industry.  In 2016 I purchased Metal Roof Contractors from the founders, Doug and Tami Hasselwander, brother and sister, and have been at the helm since. While the company is under different leadership, our core values and culture remain the same, and our commitment to client satisfaction is still of utmost importance.

Metal Roof Contractors has grown from modest beginnings into a seasoned contractor company that is respected across the entire industry and state of Oklahoma. Our accomplishments are many, but none are more important than the millions of square feet of metal roofing the company has installed at warehouses, schools, universities, office buildings, retail businesses and much more.


In business since 1998, Metal Roof Contractors has set a standard for service and and ability to handle a variety of jobs, unique and/or ordinary, and the company does it with the efficiency necessary to meet the most demanding construction schedules. Metal Roof Contractors has a staff of more than 30 employees, and we have completed projects throughout the state of Oklahoma.  

What makes Metal Roof Contractors different is we handle all the levels from design to install, all of the steps occurs right here “in-house”.  We can design it, engineer it, manufacture it and install it.  Many other contracting companies will contract each of these steps out.  Resulting in multiple sources of warranties for materials and labor. When problems arise, multiple sources of warranties can be confusing and frustrating. As you can imagine, the responsible parties for the warranties will let you know what the problem is and it happens to be the other guy. In addition to a single source warranty provided by Metal Roof Contractors, We manufacture our roof panels at your jobsite.  Each panel is ran to the perfect length, ensuring proper fit and eliminating end laps by field roll forming on the jobsite and manufacturing their own roof panels Metal Roof Contractors had a unique advantage over all their competitors.


Metal Roof Contractors was founded from the ground level in 1998 by a brother sister duo, Doug and Tami Hasselwander, with no metal construction or experience. Tami was working for a flat roofing contractor and saw an opportunity to compete and be successful in a niche market in the state of Oklahoma.  They were able to persevere and hustled for work to build a company. Metal Roof Contractors culture from the beginning of doing right by the customer and fulfilling commitments began to pay off through repeat customers and word of mouth referrals. Once established with years of metal, standing seam and retrofit experience, Metal Roof Contractors began to dominate the retrofit (reroof) market.  Schools all over the state of Oklahoma were choosing MRC to install a new metal roof over the top of their existing roofs because they were tired of the high expense of maintaining the traditional roof.

Our focus has always been to develop and maintain relationships with our customers by delivering results.  MRC is recognized and respected in the metal roofing market by architects and general contractors alike. Today we are excited about opportunities for growth by using our same fundamentals and expanding our customer base.  


We have expanded our product line into various wall panels, including ACM (Aluminum Composite Material). In 2016 Metal Roof Contractors invested in a router machine to manufacture ACM panels in house. Installing these types of panels requires skill, experience and the ability troubleshoot which fits perfectly with Metal Roof Contractors business model.  Previously, Metal Roof Contractors would buy-out panels from other manufacturers. While this is standard for the industry, much of the control and responsibility for lead times and shipment coordination is with the supplier. Many times this adds a layer in the construction process and is less predictable. With Metal Roof Contractors relationships throughout the country, MRC realized the potential for another local manufacturer of ACM in the state of Oklahoma and began implementing systems to manufacturer immediately with the purchase of the equipment to fabricate.  This is no small task, because many contractors can hand router or scrap together their own panels, but few have the ability to fabricate a panel system that meets industry testing standards like Metal Roof Contractors.

In addition to ACM panels, Metal Roof Contractors has also developed the ability to install many types of unique and custom wall claddings.  From weathering steel to insulated metal wall panels to concrete, Metal Roof Contractors has installed it.